Discover Comfort with Our Wheelchair Rental Service in Mérida

wheelchair rental merida

At Doctor At Home Mérida, we offer exceptional wheelchair rental services that provide comfort and accessibility to those in need. Our regular, foldable wheelchair is designed to meet your needs, offering uncomplicated mobility. Here are all the details you need to know:

Quality and Comfort:

Our wheelchairs are of high quality and feature a foldable design for easy transport and storage. User comfort is our priority, and each wheelchair is designed to provide proper support.

Affordable Rates:

We provide competitive wheelchair rental rates to ensure everyone has access to this vital service. The weekly rental fee is only 1000 pesos, which is the minimum rental period. Additionally, if you prefer a monthly option, we offer rentals for just 2500 pesos.

Free Delivery within the Periférico Ring:

For added convenience, wheelchair delivery within Mérida’s periférico ring is free of charge. We want to make sure receiving your wheelchair is as easy as possible.

Delivery Outside the Periférico Ring:

If you are outside this area, no need to worry. We offer delivery services outside the periférico ring, and the cost may vary based on location. For an accurate quote, simply contact us, and we’ll gladly provide the necessary information.

How to Get a Quote or Schedule Your Wheelchair Rental:

Getting a quote or scheduling your wheelchair rental is easy. Just send a WhatsApp message to 9999063494, where our team will be happy to assist you. We’ll respond promptly to provide all the necessary information and ensure you receive the service you deserve.

At Doctor At Home Mérida, we believe in making mobility accessible to all. Trust us to provide you with a reliable wheelchair and exceptional service. Contact us today and discover the freedom of movement we offer!

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