COVID 19 test in Merida

covid test merida

At Doctor At Home Mérida, we have rapid tests for detecting COVID-19 up to the comfort of your home; schedule your COVID test at home today.

When should you take a COVID test?

The general recommendation is that if you have respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, or general symptoms such as fever, body aches, and headache, it is not essential to have a test as precautionary measures should be taken to minimize the risk of transmission of infectious respiratory diseases. But if it is necessary to know if the disease by which it is caused is COVID, the test must be carried out between the 3rd and 5th day of illness so that the result is more reliable.

A negative test in the first day or two of illness is not very reliable in ruling out COVID illness.

If I tested positive, should I take the tests to determine if I am already negative?

No. It is not recommended to carry out more tests since when the patient is positive, they can continue to be positive for three months without indicating their level of contagiousness; your symptoms determine this and the time elapsed since your first day of symptoms (the literature indicates that by completing ten days from the first day of symptoms the patient is no longer contagious, as long as more than 24 hours have passed without fever).

Is the test safe?

It is very safe since the isotopes used are not rigid enough to cause severe damage to the nasopharynx, but it can cause some irritation in the nose in a few cases.

How soon do I get my result?

The rapid COVID test is carried out at the patient’s home, so the result is immediate, although a 15-minute wait is suggested to have a correct visualization of the result.

How much does the COVID test cost?

The price of the COVID test at home in Mérida is 1000 pesos. Ask for a special price if you wish to carry out the test during your medical consultation.

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