Can I order a medium-rare burger?

Gourmet cooking has become very popular lately, and this has reached the world of hamburgers, and although this is not a food blog, we can approach this topic from a public health perspective.

Out of common sense, we have the notion that consuming raw food, especially meat (beef, pork, chicken), should not be a common practice since it increases the risk of acquiring pathogens that can make us sick.

On the other hand, the cooking process helps us not only to digest food better but also allows us to make it safer to consume.

The science behind the burger

But cooking has its science, and that is why the issue of cabin boy hamburgers is of interest to us and this is because of the temperatures and cooking times used to make them.

When we talk about meat cuts such as Rib Eye, New York, or Cowboy, to name a few, cooking times can be reduced by leaving the center of these cuts with a lower level of cooking than that found in the outermost parts of the meat, this guarantees that the microorganisms that were on the surface of the meat have been killed by the heat and that these microorganisms cannot reach the center of the meat.

However, with a hamburger, the same cooking procedure cannot be carried out since when grinding the meat, the microorganisms that were on the surface of the meat mix with the rest of the meat, reaching all parts of the meat, so To guarantee the eradication of most microorganisms, high temperatures must be reached in the center of the hamburger, which only leaves one option for cooking the hamburgers, “well cooked.”

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