Clinics in Merida

clinics in merida

At Doctor At Home Mérida, we want to be able to solve your health problems at home with our general doctors, but it may not be possible in all situations. Hence, we leave you with a list of the best clinics in Merida that you can find as well as their contact information so they can help you as soon as possible.

Hospital Star Medica Merida

In this hospital, you will find attention from specialists such as an internist, surgeon, gastroenterologist, pediatrician, gynecologist, etc., as well as operating rooms and an emergency room, all with the best quality and humane treatment.

Merida Clinic

At the Mérida clinic, you will find not only a hospital but several locations where you will always have one of its clinics close to you and which also offer a wide variety of services such as ambulances, emergency room specialists and operating rooms, an excellent option.

CEAPIE podiatry clinic

We cannot fail to mention a podiatry clinic where they will take care of your feet since one of the most frequent queries that come to us is ingrown toenails. We can start a treatment for your symptoms, but a podiatrist will carry out the final treatment, and You will find the best in Mérida at CEAPIE. You will also find the sale of Dr Scholl products for the care of your feet.

CMA Merida (Medical Center of the Americas)

In this hospital you will find a wide range of services and specialists, as well as a wide service history. You can find an emergency room, laboratory studies, x-rays, tomographies, etc.